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不忘初心 Win10 22H2 19045.3803 英文精简 无更新

不忘初心 Windows10 英文版 22H2 (19045.3803) 专业版、专业工作站版 ,包含ISO安装过程以及各种安装包全部都是英文。

The systems released on this site are only for personal learning and testing. Please delete them within 24 hours after downloading. All systems are not activated. Please support purchasing genuine Microsoft keys.

Note that this version cannot be updated with patches correctly. The master version comes from UUP WIN10_22H2 19045.3803. This version retains Hyper and Linux and integrates the RST-VMD driver. It is much smaller than the version that can be updated with patches. Although it is small, it does not have transitional streamlined optimization. It should have some There will still be functions, but the streamlining method is basically the same as the original formula. In order to ensure the stability of the original system, all systems are streamlined and optimized offline, not secondary packaging. The system is pure and smooth, with few processes and no third-party software. It has no impact on office work. Friends are welcome to test and give feedback!

不忘初心 Windows10 22H2 19045.3803 x64 English NoUpdates Lite 2023.12.29 英文精简 无更新

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System Features

This version cannot be updated correctly with patches
Pure No third-party software.
Pursue stability, no over-optimization, and can work normally.
In total, more than 150 system contents have been optimized, and the system is smoother and better.
Optimize the background process, about 45 processes when you boot up for the first time;
Disable more than 40 infrequently used services in the background
If you need to use a fingerprint, please use a self-created account, Admin does not support it;
Improve self-created account permissions, the self-built account will have the same permissions as the "Administrator" account (restart after the first installation)
The number of seconds the taskbar time displays
Avoid upgrading to a higher version of the system in the future, all networks have been set to metered traffic, check and update After downloading the patch, you need to agree to download the patch, but it will not affect the system to drive the device;
To prevent automatic patch updates, set Windows Update to pause updates until May 28, 2099.
Provide "prohibit the system from automatically installing the driver.reg", if you don't need the system to automatically install the driver, please import it immediately after installing the system;
Optimized the shared printing service to avoid LAN sharing printing errors.
The system recovery interface adds advanced boot options
With Compact OS to free up space, the space occupied by the C drive can be reduced by about 2G
Added Superior Mode to Power Mode
Advanced Power Settings: USB Selective Pause Disabled to avoid some USB devices losing power
Disable hibernation files, you can reduce the size of the C drive, if you need to turn on Please use the administrator to run the CMD command: powercfg /hibernate on
7G reserved space is disabled by default;
To recover the checkbox that says "To use this computer, you must enter the user's password", the original version is hidden;
IE homepage is set to http://www.bing.com by default;
Due to the integrated patches, DISM++ does not properly clean the superseded SXS components;
Provide Windows Store installation package, you can install and uninstall at will;
Provide Microsoft.Windows.Photos photo installation package, you can install and uninstall at will;
Provide Microsoft.Microsoft.WindowsCamera photo installation package, you can install and uninstall at will;
Provide the Microsoft.XboxApp_XboxGamingOverlay_XBOX installation package.
Provide Microsoft Edge program installation package;
Provide OneDrive program installation package;
Provide "Turn_off_taskbar_News_and_interests.cmd"
Provide OneDrive program installation package;
Right-click Add to open the command line here
Right-click to add Open with Notepad;
Right-click Add Admin to take ownership
Right-click to add Copy File Path;
Right-click to add Copy Folder Path;
If you want to delete the right-click Admin Take Ownership , copy the file path Folder path Please use CMD to run the following command to delete:
rem The following is to remove the administrator and take ownership
reg delete "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\runas" /f
reg delete "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\runas\command" /f
reg delete "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\runas2" /f
rem The following is the folder path to delete the copied file path
reg delete "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\copypath" /f
reg delete "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\copypath\command" /f
If you want to delete, right-click and open the command line here. Please use CMD to run the following command to delete:
reg delete "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\OpenCMDHere" /f
If you want to delete the right-click "Open with Notepad", please use CMD to run the following command to delete:
reg delete "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\*\shell\notepad" /f
reg delete "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\*\shell\notepad\command" /f

Reserved list

Retained components: printing, Bluetooth, fingerprint, face, sharing, Microsoft account, search, calculator, screen projection, tablet mode, BitLocker, remote desktop, IIS, NFS, IE browser, paint, screenshot, firewall, WMP, old version Components, hyper, Linux, Telnet, UWF

Optimize list

A total of 136 other optimization projects
#Enable system administrator account (Admin version only)
#Hide taskbar search
#Lock taskbar
#Never merge when the taskbar is full
#Hide task view button
#Hide contacts on taskbar
#Show all notification area icons on the taskbar
#Account Control UAC is adjusted to never notify
#Close Smartscreen application filter
#Disable Windows Defender
#Optimize visual effects and switch animation effects
#Do not allow suggestions to be displayed in the start menu
#Turn off "Highlight newly installed programs"
#Disable automatic installation of recommended applications
#Turn off Windows on lock screen focus promotion
#CloseWindows Ink promotion application
#Close game recording
#Turn off "Record in the background when I play games". Turning this feature on will affect game quality.
#The login interface opens the small keyboard by default
#Display "This Computer" on the desktop
#Show "Control Panel" on the desktop
#Show this computer when opening the explorer"
#Show all file extensions
#Show hidden files
#Do not add shortcut text when creating a shortcut
#Close 7G reserved space by default
#Turn off automatic application backup
#Disable automatic play
#Disable NTFS link tracking service
#Open the folder window in a separate process
#Explorer quick access does not display commonly used folders
#Hide favorites in the explorer navigation window
#Hide removable devices in the explorer navigation window
#Explorer quick access does not display recently used files
#Display the full path when the explorer window is minimized
#Hide libraries in the explorer window
#Hide removable devices in the explorer window
#Disable the "Compatibility Troubleshooter" right-click menu for executable files
#Disable the disk's "Open in portable mode" right-click menu
#Disable the newly created "Contact" right-click menu
#Disable the "Restore Previous Version" right-click menu for files, disks, and properties
#Disable the "Sharing" right-click menu for all objects
#Disable the "Grant Access" right-click menu for files, directories, desktops, disks, and libraries
#Disable the "Edit with 3D Paint" right-click menu of image files
#Disable MediaPlaye first use dialog
#Disable MediaPlaye automatic updates
#Disable screensaver during MediaPlaye playback
#DisableMediaPlaye media sharing
#Internet Explorer does not warn when closing multiple tabs
#Internet Explorer When creating a new tab, always switch to the new option
#Internet Explorer Other programs open connections from new tabs in the current window
#Internet Explorer Close suggested websites
#Internet Explorer Skip IE First Run Custom Settings
#Internet Explorer does not save region information for attachments
#Internet Explorer Enable Enhanced Protected Mode
#Internet Explorer enables 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode
#Internet Explorer Lock Toolbar
#Internet Explorer adjusts number of simultaneous downloads to 10
#Internet Explorer always opens pop-ups in new tabs when encountering them
#Internet Explorer Turn off automatic updates
#Internet Explorer Hide IE smiley help button
#Microsoft Pinyin defaults to English input
#Notepad enables automatic word wrapping
#Notepad always displays the status bar
#Close remote assistance
#Disable Program Compatibility Assistant
#Disable hibernation
#Windows updates don’t include malware removal tools
#Windows update does not include drivers
#Do not automatically restart the computer if a user logs in when the update is pending
#Adjust Windows Update automatic updates to never recommend
#Enable Windows Photo Viewer
#Automatically restart when blue screen occurs
#Disable automatically saving my restarted apps when I log out and reopen them when I log in again
#Turn off delivery optimization. This function can send downloaded update files to other computers on the LAN, but it has no big effect.
#Close inquiries and interest
#Optimize LAN connection
#Optimize network parameter settings and improve network connection stability
#Optimize the network fast forwarding mechanism and increase Internet speed
#Turn off the system automatic debugging function and improve the system running speed
#Increase the system's icon buffer and improve system startup speed
#Disable the system from automatically generating error reports to speed up system response
#Turn off screenshots and drafts running in the background
#Turn off the calculator running in the background
#Close settings and run in the background
#Turn off Settings-System-Notifications-Recommended ways to complete device setup to get the most out of Windows
#Turn off Settings-System-Notifications-Show reminders and VolP calls on the lock screen
#Turn off Settings-System-Notifications-Show me the "Welcome to Windows" experience after updates and show new and suggested content when I sign in
#Disable Windows Defender Security Center - All Notifications
#Disable Windows Defender Security Center - Non-Important Notifications
#Disable Windows Defender Tamper Protection
#Disable Windows Defender Warn users using Microsoft account Defender account protection
#PrivacyOptions Prohibited Use of page predictions to improve reading and improve browsing speed Browsing data will be sent to Microsoft
#PrivacyOptions Block Allow Windows to collect my activity (Activity History) from this PC
#PrivacyOptions Disabled Allowed to help improve user experience
#privacyoptions Prohibit Allows apps to use the user's advertising identifier to understand experiences with each app
#PrivacyOptions Block Allows Microsoft to provide more tailored and relevant tips and recommendations by using your diagnostic data
#privacyoptions Don't send information about my writing habits to Microsoft so we can improve typing and writing in the future
#privacyoptions Disable showing suggested content for users in the Settings app
#privacyoptions Prohibited Recommended ways to complete device setup to get the most out of Windows
#privacyoptions prohibit collecting address books to let Windows and Cortana know you better
#privacyoptions Prohibit collecting typed text to let Windows and Cortana know you better
#PrivacyOptions Disable automatic installation of suggested apps
#PrivacyOptions Disable automatic installation of sponsored apps (customer experience)
#PrivacyOptions Disable Automatically connect to suggested open hotspots
#privacyoptions Disable Let Skype (if installed) help you contact the friends at the address and verify your mobile number
#PrivacyOptions Personalize your voice input, keyboard input, and inking input by sending your input data to Microsoft
#privacyoptions No typing insights
#PrivacyOptions Disable pre-installation of OEM apps
#PrivacyOptions Disable pre-installed apps
#privacyoptions Prohibit collection of language and writing habits
#PrivacyOptions Optimization Telemetry feedback frequency changed to "never"
#PrivacyOptions Disabled Turn off viewing diagnostic data
#privacyoptions Close Feedback and Diagnostics
#privacyoptions Turn off Show me suggested content in the Settings app
#PrivacyOptions Turn off Show suggestions in start menu
#PrivacyOptions Off Allows apps to access diagnostic information about other apps
#Disable scheduled tasks NET Framework
#Disable scheduled task App list backup
#Disable Scheduled Tasks Windows Disk Diagnostics reports general disk and system information to Microsoft for users who participate in the Customer Experience Program.
#Disable scheduled tasks When the system is in unattended mode, copy user files to a backup location to prevent accidental loss"
#Disable scheduled task task color calibration settings
#Delete scheduled tasks Verify WINRE environment
#Disable scheduled task registry idle backup task
#Disable scheduled task memory diagnostics
#Disable scheduled task DirectXDatabaseUpdater
#Disable scheduled tasks Update related Report policies
#Disable scheduled tasks Update related Schedule Scan
#Disable scheduled tasks Update related Schedule Maintenance Work
#Disable scheduled tasks Update related Schedule Scan Static Task
#Disable scheduled tasks and update related Schedule Work
#Disable scheduled task update related UpdateModelTask
#Disable scheduled tasks Update related USO_UxBroker

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